Using TubeAssist to Increase YouTube Engagement

Over the past few weeks, I've been using a pretty awesome tool called TubeAssist (h/t to Charles Floate for showing me this one).

TubeAssist is a YouTube marketing tools that helps to boost the reach of your videos to those that are interested in seeing them. Alongside this, it will help you to grow your channel subscriptions list, and best of all - it's all automated!

Now, I'm always very dubious when it comes to automated tools that claim to do what TubeAssist does, as they state:


Well... I have to say that they've followed through on their promise for me. In just two weeks I have a dramatic increase in relevant subscribers and much more engagement on my videos. Not bad for $19 a month!

I've put together a full video tutorial on how to use TubeAssist to get the best out of your YouTube marketing efforts. Alongside this, I've put together a text/image based walkthrough on some of the key features, so be sure to ask any question that you have within the comments and I'll get back to you ASAP.


Video Transcript

Hi, this is Matt from Find My Blog Way, and I’m going to talk to you about TubeAssist. Really awesome tool that I’ve been using to help market my YouTube videos. I’ve been looking at ways where I can drive through more traffic to my videos, also build up my subscriber list. I’ve only recently really, over the past two months, been starting probably focusing on my YouTube channel, and hence why the small stats that I’ve got showing, unfortunately, at the moment. But looking to kind of grow that out, and TubeAssist is a tool that I think is great for doing that.

I paid for a TubeAssist account; it’s fairly cheap. You can have a little look at and have a quick look at their packages. What I’m going to do is I’ve logged in and I’m just going to show you what it looks like within the log-in area. Essentially when TubeAssist does is it allows you to make other YouTube users aware of your YouTube videos. It will also follow, subscribe your YouTube account to other relevant YouTube accounts. Almost like in Twitter where you get followed back, a similar kind of method.

I’ve been using TubeAssist for two weeks now, I believe, and I’ve actually had some really good results in total. Here you can see one, two, three of my video campaigns, and then one of my subscribe to channels campaigns. I’ll start with the subscribe to channel campaign. What this does is it searches for any YouTube channels that talk about SEO. That’s one of the search terms that I’m trying to focus around. As you’re obviously aware, I do a lot of video tutorials within SEO. I allow TubeAssist to search for these and then subscribe to these channels each day. You’ll see roughly 108 per day that it’s subscribing to. So far, over 11 days, 1,286 channels that I’ve subscribed to.

If I go back into my account here and I just go through to the dashboard… sorry, if I go back into my channel and I go to Subscriptions, what you can also do is, because obviously you’re going to get a huge list of people that you’re subscribed to, and if you already have some subscriptions within your YouTube channel, you might not want to get all clogged up. What you can do is allow TubeAssist to unsubscribe from any subscriptions that are older than two weeks, three weeks, four weeks. I’ve selected only unsubscribe from channels who have not subscribed back. You can unclick that if you want or whatever you want to do, but you’ve got some extra settings in here.

Going into a video campaign, you can set up essentially a share video campaign, a subscribe to channel campaign – that’s what I’ve been doing there – or you can do an add contacts campaign. Each time you go to contact, it will show up in their YouTube inbox with a message “X has added you as a contact.” Hopefully the user takes time to check out your channel. This can then result in people actually adding you as a subscription.

One of the big things that I’ve been really focusing on is the share video campaign. I’m just going to go back and show you one that I’ve already set up and had running for a few days. This really helps you to get your videos in front of relevant people. What TubeAssist does is took my Keyword Eye review and tutorial video that I did a couple of weeks ago now, and what I can do is search and find users who are looking for something specific or have done videos about something specific on YouTube related to keyword analysis. Then what it will do is it will send a custom message to these users. What I put is “Hey, I noticed that you’re interested in keyword research/SEO in general, so I wanted to let you know about my recent video tutorial about how to use Keyword Eye, a pretty cool tool that I’ve been testing out. I’m also running a giveaway for a full year subscription to the tool on my blog, so feel free to check it out.” I’ve just put a link in. “Let me know what you think of the video, and if you have any similar content, send it my way for me to check out. Thanks, Matt.”

I had that running for about a week, and it got shared to 480 different users. Now, that video had a nice rise in video views, but also, I had a few comments come back. Here’s one comment that went into my inbox on the 30th of October: “Hi Matthew, top marks for your observation. Yes, I am indeed interested in keyword research. The video was good in that it made me aware of the capabilities of this keyword software,” blah blah blah, “Thanks for taking the time to make me aware. Your stuff looks packed with useful info.” So I gained a subscription; they also commented on my actual video. Also subscribed to the mailing list on the blog and drove through some comments onto the blog as well.

Now, that wasn’t the only person who did that. Also had some here: “Good info, thanks. Keep them coming. Sebastian,” and they also commented on the actual video itself. Another one coming through. So start to really have some engagement. Just to clarify that this is really down to TubeAssist, if we just look at the dates here on my inbox, the last inbox message I received was the 22nd of August there, and then since I started, I’ve had one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven bits of engagement. Bear in mind I haven’t been doing a huge amount of video content. So really is a great way of getting people in front of your content.

You can see here, this is just my YouTube analytic stats since the 28th. That was the day when I really started using TubeAssist. My video views have spiked over those few days that I was running a few campaigns. That’s been pretty awesome, and a lot of minutes have been watched across all of my videos. I’ve had a rise in channel subscribers. When I started using TubeAssist, I only had 38 subscribers, and then over two weeks, I’ve nearly doubled that. That’s a pretty awesome result for me, and I think considering how easy TubeAssist is to set up and use and get going – I mean, this is literally all that you have to do.

If I take you in to the reports as well, you can also set up reports to go across the entire channel or specific videos. I want to have a report that runs on – let’s have a look at the video that was the Keyword Eye tool. I can have a look at the traffic report, email this report to me, frequency – every week. I just want that once. Then the tool will go through and it will populate a nice report for you, so I can kind of have a bit of extra information just on some of the views and the current month, each week how many video views were happening, and start to really track progress across each of my individual videos or, as shown here, monthly views on the YouTube channel in general. So not just a marketing tool for getting exposure, but also for tracking performance as well.

Overall, a really cool, quick and easy tool to use. Really cheap as well, so make sure you give that a once-over and have a little look and see how you can use it to promote some of your video content and also your channel overall.

Sharing Your Video Content With Relevant Users

An awesome feature of TubeAssist is the ability to share you videos with users that have an interest in specific topics. One of the ways that you can do this is by searching for a keyword related to your video; for example, I may want to share the video tutorial above with people that are searching for 'TubeAssist'.

To do this, you'll need to log-in to TubeAssist and click 'Manage Channel' on your selected YouTube channel. You can then select 'Add Campaign' via the green button in the top-right corner.

TubeAssist Add Campaign

You'll now be asked to select from three different options.You'll want to select the 'Share Video' option.

TubeAssist Campaign Types

Once you've done this, a new box will appear that asks you who you want to share your video with and what you want to share with them.

This is where you'll want to select a keyword relevant to your video. Make sure you run a live test to see if there are results, otherwise you may not reach many users.

Once you've selected your search query, you can now write in your custom message to send to the YouTube users, as well as choosing your video from the drop-down list. Here's an example of a message that I've sent for my 'Keyword Eye Video Tutorial':

[sws_blue_box box_size=""]Hey 🙂

I noticed that you're interested in keyword research/SEO in general, so I wanted to let you know about my recent video tutorial on how to use Keyword Eye (a pretty cool tool that I've been testing out).

I'm also running a giveaway for a full year's subscription to the tool on my blog so feel free to check it out (

Let me know what you think of the video and if you have any similar content, send it my way for me to check out!

Thanks, Matt [/sws_blue_box]

The campaign was run for just over a week on TubeAssist and it was shared to 480 different users, causing a nice spike in video views, channel subscribers and engagement.

Keyword Eye campaign on TubeAssist

On top of tis, I've had a few messages direct to my inbox that have been great feedback on my videos as a direct result of using TubeAssist. Here's an example of one:

YouTube message

Using TubeAssist to Subscribe to Relevant Channels & Users

Like with many other social networks, a great way to increase your followers/likes/subscribers is to follow/subscribe to other users. Done manually, this process can be very time consuming and may not be the best use of your time. This is where TubeAssist comes in.

Like with the video sharing campaigns, TubeAssist allows you to search for other YouTube channels and users that produce content relevant to a specific keyword. You can then ask TubeAssist to their subscribe to the relevant YouTube channel or add the YouTube user to your contact list.

To do this, navigate back to your main TubeAssist dashboard. Once there, click on the green button that says 'Add Campaign.

From here you can either select the 'Subscribe to Channels' campaign to target specific channels, or you can select 'Add Contacts' to focus on specific users.

TubeAssist Campaign Selection

Once you've chosen your target keywords, TubeAssist will start subscribing you to around 100 relevant channels each day or adding around 500 relevant YouTube users to your contact list each day.

You'll be surprised at the amount of subscriptions that you get from simply doing this.

Overall, TubeAssist is an awesome tool, and for $19 a month (under $12 if you pay annually) you really get your money's worth. Make sure you watch the full video tutorial above because I go through all of the extra reporting features and walk through each of the features of the tool.

If you're already using TubeAssist, make sure you let me know what you think of it in the comments below!