Create Your Own Awesome Marketing Data Dashboard

Having good quality data to measure the effectiveness of your digital (and offline) campaigns is essential. I spend a large percentage of my time on improving the way that I can measure the effectiveness of the projects that I’m working on. Without this, I’d never learn anything.

There are a lot of challenges that come with this – one of which can be information overload.

As a digital marketer, I have an obsession with data. I literally will not embark on a campaign unless I can effectively measure its performance. That said, I can sometimes go a little too far and have so much data coming in that there just isn’t the resource to decipher it all. We’ve all been there, whether it’s that your client doesn’t care about anything else but sales, or if it’s a case where you use so many different programs to track things that simply extracting data can take you a couple of hours, there’s always a challenge.

This is where dashboards come in.

Digital Marketing Dashboard

I’ve been using dashboards for some time now; the majority of these were custom developed or some kind of crazy Excel spreadsheet. These techniques are either incredibly expensive or they’re just too rigid to offer all the insight needed.

To strike a balance between the two, I’ve spent the past few months looking for solutions. Luckily for me, I’ve found an awesome solution that both gives me the various data that I need and also doesn’t cost a fortune – in fact, I can even do it for free. The solution that I’m talking about is Cyfe.

Note: I have no affiliation with Cyfe at all. I starting using the platform around 2 months ago and have been so impressed that I want to share my findings with you all.

In the video above, I go into great detail on how to set up new dashboards within Cyfe, link up to a number of different services, track the performance of multiple campaigns, plus much more. It’s very detailed so make sure you watch it.

What Can You Do With Cyfe?

Just to give you an overview of what’s actually possible when using Cyfe, here’s a quick overview…

  1. Pull in data from a huge number of data sources into one integrated dashboard.
  2. Use a free account to track up to five different sources of data or a premium account ($19 p/month) to track unlimited data.
  3. Plug in the dashboards to a TV and rotate through different screens in an ongoing live loop.
  4. Pull off PDF or flat image reports, or schedule reports to run on specific days/timescales.
  5. Select a date range to pull in information from all of your different data sources at once.

One of the big advantages of Cyfe is the sheer number of services that you can integrate into your dashboards. Alongside this comes the bonus that you don’t even need to have paid accounts for each either. For example, it will pull in keyword ranking reports for free, give you Moz data on your site for free and display data on a number of social media networks without even having admin access to the page (e.g. Pinterest). This is great for tracking competitors as well as your own accounts.

Here are a few of the data sources that you can bring data in from:

Cyfe Integrations


They’re constantly adding new integrations as well. It’s kind of like a mix between platforms like IFTTT and Google Analytics. It’s pretty amazing what you can do.

Check it out, watch my video on how to set everything up, and then ask me any questions you have. Enjoy!