A Collection of Link Building Wins from the Pros

Link building can be frustrating at the best of times. There is a huge amount of resources that go into successful campaigns and with success comes a lot of failure. I've found myself incredibly demotivated when I have spent weeks putting together a compelling piece of content, contacting a range of webmasters and spending money of gaining exposure - all for it all to fall on deaf ears. Not the best time to be around me!

With failure comes education. The more times you fail within your link building strategies, the more you will be able to refine and improve your approach for the future. As Eddison famously said:

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

This has particular relevance within link building. When you do get that awesome link building win, you will instantly forget about the other failed attempts. It's such a great feeling to know that your campaign has been successful and your site can reap the rewards of your labour. With this in mind I spoke to some of the top SEOs within the industry to find out what were some of their best link building wins.

Ann Smarty

Ann SmartyMy biggest 'wow' with link building happened on Twitter. Rand Fishkin from Moz tweeted asking people to share their favorite link building tool and one of our users suggested MyBlogGuest (which I caught and supported). The result: One of our highest-quality traffic sources - 4 Valuable Link Building Services (Zemanta, MyBlogGuest, EightfoldLogic & Whitespark).

The bottom line: Always listen on Twitter and nurture a community that will promote you for you 🙂

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Sean Smith

Sean SmithMy favorite link building win was for a mass amount of geo-location relevant links that I got via landing pages for one of my florist clients. Basically the florist needed more locally focused links for some local organic optimization and had a list of businesses that they delivered to regularly.

These businesses were mainly funeral homes, hospitals, churches and the like. We took this list and in a few hours had an individual landing page on the florist's site for each of the businesses. On these pages we included the NAP of the business (name, address, phone number) and their site's URL, a short description, pulled in a Google maps embed and titled the pages "business name + flower delivery | florist brand name" basically giving each of these locations a local listing on our site.

We then sent an outreach email to each of the sites showing them the page we set up and asking if they wouldn't mind linking to that page since we already push a large amount of product through to them. The response was actually pretty astounding, we had nearly everyone link back to us, but a lot of them had a site-wide link that promoted the florist as "Their preferred florist." This kind of hyper-local link building helped that florist rock it in their location!

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Victor Pan

Victor PanThe most fruitful link-building strategy I've executed is real-time newsjacking with a timely Infographic comparing Facebook ads to Google ads. I was under the guidance of Larry Kim at the time.

Our infographic was originally about comparing how Facebook ads performed compared to Google ads. As we followed how the news was breaking, it became clear that we were to pitch our infographic as "Do Facebook Ads Work?" since the discussion immediately changed as General Motors publicly announced that they were dropping Facebook advertisements. We sent out a new press release, changed our infographic title, and sent out a second wave of pitch e-mails to all reporters we knew could be covering the story. Reporters loved it.

Here's the infographic in question: Facebook IPO: Can Facebook Beat the Google Display Network in Online Advertising?

The results were huge. We were everywhere on the news and PR 7,8, and 9 links were coming in like Christmas. I'm talking about WSJ, NYTimes, Fox Business and other news site kind of Christmas. Social shares were out of this world. Things went beyond the online world as we were on national TV, and even invited to comment on National Public Radio, a new domain (which we subsequently acquired a link from through follow-up).

While we're a PPC software solutions company, WordStream does do SEO internally.

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Moosa Hemani

Moosa HemaniI always love the link building tactics that not only give you a link or few multiple links but ideally it should offer some quality links plus a chance to reach out to new audience, branding and more...

Few months back I received a goodies bag from Moz that contained a USB, t-shirt and more... so as a thank you I wrote a post about “Why I love SEOmoz?” and after few hours of hitting a publish button I saw many industry giants re-shared my post across different social media sites and my post also got discussed by Jennifer Sable Lopez of Moz in one of her webinars on “Community Management”.

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As a results, I did received some good links pointing back to that page but more importantly I get a chance to reach out to new audience which is equally important as link to me!

Matthew Barby (me!)

Matthew BarbyMy biggest link building win was when Larry Kim, the CEO of WordStream, was giving away a free year of WordStream access through a YouMoz post that he wrote on Moz (it was SEOmoz at the time!). I got in touch with Larry and he set me up with an account and then I wrote up a blog all about what I thought of WordStream tools and gave some quick tips for how fellow SEOs could make use of them.

Once I wrote the article, I sent an email to Larry to let him know, along with a short quote review. Larry then placed the review on his reviews page (http://www.wordstream.com/reviews). This was a pretty good link in itself but once I wrote a case study on the Moz blog that outlined what I did (with a link to the reviews page) it quickly became one of the most powerful links to my site (Page Authority: 65, Domain Authority: 83) - not a bad link at all!

To top it off, I generated some direct business from my case study post, which was awesome 🙂

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Dan Petrovic

Dan PetrovicI once joined a local IT community got a sweet link from my profile page and then... They send me an iPad for being the 2000th member or something like that. To date my personal favourite link building win.

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Devesh Sharma

Devesh SharmaMy biggest link building win was when I created a detailed list post about all the WordPress resources and within a few days, I ended up getting links from some big authority sites in my niche and got featured in StudioPress newsletter.

I did send an email to everyone listed in that list, letting them know that have been featured on WPkube.

Here's the link to that post - http://www.wpkube.com/wordpress-handbook/.

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Adam Thompson

Adam ThompsonOne of my favorite tactics is to put a lot of effort into a remarkable blog post, then get the post published on a top tier blog as a guest post. For example:

Anchor Text Optimization Case Study: What's Natural? - was editorially linked to from many relevant blogs, such as InternetMarketingNinjas.

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