GroupHigh Blogger Outreach Platform Tutorial and Review

Over the past month I've had the privilege of testing out GroupHigh's blogger outreach platform. I have to say, this is up there with the best online marketing tools that I've ever used before, and to be fair, you do pay a premium for it (around $7,500 per annum).

The tool has a number of key features:

  • An integrated database of over 15,000,000 active blogs across the world, complete with soocial stats, contact information, domain statistics, category labels and more.
  • Mention monitoring (similar to or Fresh Web Explorer).
  • Link prospecting tools.
  • CRM functionality and the ability to send emails direct through GroupHigh's interface.
  • Engagement tracking and reporting.

It's easy to compare GroupHigh to the likes of BuzzStream, Citation Labes, etc, but it really is a whole different solution. Whilst BuzzStream is much more cost-effective, GroupHigh offers an enormous built-in and ever-expanding PR database similar to the likes of Gorkana. That's why I don't really think it's fair to compare either tool to one-another.

Anyway, check out the video below and let me know what you think in the comments below...

Quick Disclaimer: I have absolutely no affiliation with GroupHigh and have not received any form of compensation to run this review/tutorial. All views and opinions are of my own and nobody else.


Video Transcript

Hi, this is Matt from Find My Blog Way. I'm going to show you a really good tool that I've been using called GroupHigh. Some of you may have heard of it. It's quite high-end version of, almost like a CRM really. What you're able to do within here is search through GroupHigh's Database that they have of blogs and on the various website in a kind of way that you would with the likes of BuzzStream. The difference between BuzzStream and GroupHigh is GroupHigh actually gathered all of the data, so that you don't have to, so where I should would do kind of prospecting searches within BuzzStream.

In GroupHigh, you can just search through all of their database and you get loads of extra information or be it GroupHigh is a lot more expensive, but when you're looking from both an SEO, in a PR point of view and the social media point of view, GroupHigh is probably one of the best tools I think I've ever used when it comes to link building, so if you can justify the spend which is around about $7,500 a year and then I would really recommend this tool. I'm just going to start going through a load of features. Really, there are three core different areas that I'm going to go through.

Now like what we have with the likes of BuzzStream, you have your campaign so what we have is list, so you can view different clients on the side here and what I've done is I just created a test list. What you can do is if you have already got like an Excel file where you've got a load of targets already, you cannot load this into GroupHigh and they will stop populating and gathering all the contact information, information about social media following, etc.

I'm going to show you, in my opinion well by far the best feature of GroupHigh and this is the blog search. If you go to the search tab, what you can do is just start drilling down on a phrase. You may want to type in your specific niche. Let's just imagine that we were looking for travel related and its cost. Straight away, I've just touched in travel very, very broad search. What we've got here is just on 500,000 blogs mentioning your keyword and then you've got here 22,500 blogs by central topic.

Now, this is where it gets really good with the central topic. What GroupHigh have done is, they have classified every single blog with specific texts, you have travel, travel, echo travel, travel tips, things like that. Now, even on the broader search terms here, what we can get is a whole list of travel blogs. Not only that, what we also get is contact information, so we've got an email address there. Yes, we get to the details a bit more, but you also can get the contact information, the social media profiles.

You've also got things like their Twitter following, how many Facebook followers they have, on some of these as we go down, yes. We've got their Pinterest following, Instagram followers, You Tube subscribers and you can actually draw down and search on these kinds of statistics as well. Also on top of that, we've got the actual RSS Feed. What we want to do is drill down a bit deeper, because this is where GroupHigh really comes into its own. What we may want to do here is let's say, we only really want to focus around people that have mentioned 'Thailand'. Just type that in here.

What we'll now do is little down these lists to only five people who in their articles have mentioned Thailand. You see Thai beaches and this is just on the recent star, that's come through and they've mentioned Shang Mai in there, Thailand-Thailand, Songcran, Bangkok, so there's load of stuff here, so just from this alone you've got an awesome amount of information. I mean from central tropic then, we've got on broader one, so these are just blogs that mentioned to travel, that have mentioned Thailand. You might get the wide and use related stuff of people that have talked about it. We've got loads of stuff here, absolutely loads.

Now, I want to drill down a little bit more. Maybe I want to find blogs that have run competitions, maybe I'm a travel company and I want to give away a free holiday to a really high end travel blog. So what I'm going to do is look for people who've ran contest in the past. Just like a blog by central topics to make sure you've been down even deeper. I want to make sure they have a really good social following and let's say through Twitter. I want people who've really got a minimum of let's say 2,000 followers. All right, so let's it filters.

Also, I want people who've maybe active on Instagram. We showed that even deeper now to 99 blogs. You can search by the Moz rank or domain authority. Let's say, I only want people with minimum domain authority of 40, so we get high quality links as well possibly. It's down to 88. We can even stretch it out a bit further, let's say 50. Now, I've got it down to 47 blogs, old account, how many different offers they have, the last post date, so I want to make sure that they've been writing recently, so we'll drill that down—46, so that waddled out one of them.

I also maybe I want to say, "Then, I want blogs there from the US." Now, if you think about this, the country fields, so this is pretty awesome. You can actually go down all the way to States and cities, so if you're looking to hook up with some bloggers that are local to one of your clients or if you want to specifically find countries specific areas that your content is going to be relevant to, then you've got a really awesome tools to get in touch with them.

Now, what I've now got is I've got 22 blogs that run contests. They talk about Thailand, that travel blogs. They have at least 2,000 Twitter followers. They're also active on Instagram. They're based in the US. They have a minimum domain authority of 50 and they post within the last month. What I can now start doing is just having a little and look at this. What I want to do is star this and this will be added to my lists, so you can just start going through and just kind of double check this all sometimes. If you click here, it will actually open up the blog, if you want to then start drilling down, do a bit more manual work, save your set.

Actually, I'm not a fan of this blog. We can remove this from the lists and it won't appear, so none of them will appear from that settings. That can be handy if maybe if it picks something like the Guardian or the New York Times and things like anything, are they realistic targets, maybe not. Just starts adding a few of this, actually so adding this, so you can imagine for example I run the travel blog and this could be an incredibly useful lists for me, so then go and conduct some seriously high quality outreach.

If I wanted to find out some of the best blogs to the main street, it might have been industry research, then I've instantly got a pool of resources here. Travel is a really, really big industry, so what I'll do is just to show you actually how big this database is. I'm just going clearly sort this. I mean we've travel from here. Let's just go for something a little bit more specific.

Maybe what we can do is something that we may find, we'll start with the wider topic, so we'll go down one specific industry, so maybe will do finance and then we could do specifically maybe…in fact, go through here. What we can actually do is mention things like, 'coin' let's say, so that's actually what we're looking at. We'll remove finance from there, so stuff specifically related to coin. We've got loads and loads of blogs to pick from, this type insert…a random keyword here. Vegetarian, so we've got loads of vegetarian results. Let's do pescetarian, that's even more specific, and I’m a pescetarian.

Actually by central topic, we've got three blogs that are actually pescetarian blogs, which is very, very small things to draw down on to. We've actually got 421 that actually mentioned this within this, so we've got loads and loads of proxy. I hope this demonstrates actually the scope and size of the database, the GroupHigh has. It's enormous. You can be incredibly specific and being able to find and build the list that I've just built, so if we got back into my list here.

To do this, it will take a much longer time from using other tools. The reason being is, the prospecting process, so maybe I wanted to use Scrapebox and scrape the load of potential URLs, fill it then down with some of my screening program. Pull it them into BuzzStream, gather all the contact information and to be fair Bust Stream got all these contact information here, but then what we need to do is drill down on this information. Start filtering, place Excel to do that or the features that are built in, some of the other tools that we use. You can achieve this kind of thing, but it takes a lot longer.

Also, you don't always have a nice big database that you can easily find things. Google although it's great to do advanced search operators is not always easy to do what you can do inside what is essentially at PR database. We've got some awesome prospects and you can export this to CSV if you want to. Again, you've got to let the outreach stages, tags. You can also act team members in to GroupHigh and assign them with specific tags as well, then we start drilling a bit down, deeper into these blogs.

What we can do here is let's just take one blog. What we've got? The contact details, mostly you do actually have contact details which is really good and other users share information on GroupHigh about content information, so that's always updated in the database which is great. What you've got here is you've most of the recent post they got on, so you can quickly have a look. The recent content, have a quick read before you do your outreach, so you're not going in blind.

You can add to your own personal contacts in there. You've got all the information and within here you can create some tasks. Let's say, what we want to do is follow up on an email with Sarah in a few days.

I'm sure you can start to see where and how do you make, especially if you're looking things like guest posts or getting about reviews or just building relationship with bloggers. Very, very powerful! So that's really the searches in a nutshell. I've not even covered a load of the other features just because I don't babble on for too long, but already you can start to see without having to do any of this. GroupHigh's done all the work.

They've also got that bookmark. Bookmark that you can use, so when you're just browsing the web, you want to add in to your lists and things like that, so you install the Chrome plug in, making everything nice and easy. Now, also they do brand mention monitoring. I recently did a tutorial on Camtasia. One of the things, I just literally set this on about ten minutes ago, just to search for any blog articles that come through, that mentioned Camtasia Studio.

On here you can do branded mentions, so if I want to look, found my own blog way on here, wherever that's mentioned online, do link tracking, in the very same way as the Lights of, which we have talked about before. Also Fresh Web Explorer and Bus Bundles should I say and also BuzzStream. A lot of tools do this. Yes, this is a good feature and you get quite a bit of good information that is laid out very nicely.

These are other tools that do this. This isn't a huge thing for me personally, but at the same time it's very good, so you can go in and add new mentions in that. Have a whole host of them, so you can add them into your different ways and things like that, so pretty good stuff that you can really do that. I'm going to kind of move on from this, because I think a lot of people know about tracking brand mentions.

This is an awesome tool, the tracking at which measures engagement with any URL, whether it's your blog post of another URL that you want to track and gives you loads of stats. What I've done is I've just added in, so you can just literally paste in the URLs you want to track. I just put in four of my recent blogs on Find My Blog Way and within couple of minutes, GroupHigh just goes and it gathers all the engagements on these articles.

For the ultimate guide that running on my competition which most of you may have read, I have 14 comments, 120 mentions, 24 Facebook shares, 92 Google pluses, Internet share randomly and 24 LinkedIn shares. Then, what it does is it generates some potentials impressions across all of these social networks, which is pretty great actually. It gives you a load of engagement events and you can kind of have it all okay.

You can put a value on your impressions. Let's say we sense, it was quite on three. So it will be $30 worth of impressions. If you do, kind of this is really an advanced return investment calculations, then this could be really handy for you. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of estimating the value of impressions, because I don't really believe in that. I think you should be looking much farther along in the conversion funnel to be tracking value of conversions or at least engagement.

This can then be put into a really nice engagement report, which you can put to PDF. So, we've got the number of post, engagement events, total impressions, you've got your estimated value if you put them in. You've also got within here LinkedIn shares. You've got the different comments. On top of that we've got Twitters shares, Facebook shares, Google's pluses and it gets you in a nice graphical display along with a break down and that's coming along here.

It starts gathering kind of top influences, so the oldest of the post is myself and I've got comment. They put to give it engagement points across the post. If you have a blog where you've got a load of different authors or you want to start tracking other blogs and find how engaging the content is coming from this specific authors. So maybe if you want to feature some guest post on your site, you can do some comparisons, which is great. So you've got also not just the engagement of the authors themselves but authors themselves, so more powerful stats.

That's really GroupHigh's main features that I've been using in a nut shell, now there are more features that you can tap into. There are loads more features that you use within the search side. I've only touched on some of the brand mentions and monitoring. The tracking again, I've only used four blogs, so you can use this for other websites that you're going to be using. If you want to track some of the mentions and engagements in some of your lists, you can import that over.

Also you can start looking a load of different post and the break down from all of your targets doing some more filtering and start looking to even tighter niches and when the search as well, I don't even tap, so if I just show you travel. We didn't even go into looking specifically guest posts, people who do sponsored post, products reviews and display advertising as well, so you can do some advertising targets. There's all sort of things you can do. That's all.

Actually, I think the price is just defined for what they offer, because out there at the moment there isn't any other tool that I've used that offers this kind of functionality and displays it in a way that they do, so really awesome tool. Make sure you check it out and if it is within your budget then it might be a nice scalable tool that you can kind of bid in and use across to drive some more links, more engagement and also measure the performance of your content.