Goodbye Google Reader - It's Been a Pleasure

After many happy years with what could be described as the best RSS feeder available online, Google have announced that they will retire Google Reader services today. Personally, Google Reader was a core tool within many of my online marketing processes, so I'll be sad to see it go.

RIP Google Readersource:

Since the announcement from Google I've been trying out out loads of new alternatives to store all of my RSS feeds. Liam McCarthy wrote an article that went through some of the best alternatives that he tried out on the Wow Internet blog, which was pretty useful. I'm now using Feedly, which is great and I'd recommend trying it out (but it's still no Google Reader).

A History of Discontinued Google Products

The clever guys and girls at WordStream have put together this awesome infographic showing a timeline of Google products that have been discontinued over time. When I first saw it at the end of last week it brought back some old memories!

The Google Graveyard: Mourning Discontinued Google Products and Servicessource:

What RSS Reader Do You Use Now?

I'm always keen to take a look at the different alternatives that can be used for RSS readers - particularly ones that integrate well with social media (one of Google Reader's flaws). Also, I'd love to hear what your favourite Google product/services that once existed is - let me know in the comments below!