BuzzSumo Tutorial and Review

BuzzSumo is a little known and relatively new tool that I've had the pleasure of using over the past couple of months.

Henley Wing, James Blackwell and the rest of the BuzzSumo team have done a fantastic job of providing detailed intelligence around industry influencers and successful content.

Just a quick disclaimer - I have no affiliation with BuzzSumo or any of the team and all of the opinions I have are my own (just so that you know I'm not talking rubbish!).

I've put together a full video tutorial on how to use BuzzSumo and a deep insight into what can be done with the tool. One thing to note at this stage is that it is still in beta, but it's also completely free!

Here's a breakdown of what BuzzSumo does:

  • Allows you to search for content that has been widely shared within social media sites.
  • Gather metrics around content and segment it by content format.
  • Quickly find guest posts, contests, videos, interviews and infographics.
  • Find out who the influential content curators/aggregators are within any niche.
  • Gather statistics on industry influencers and their associated websites.
  • Export all of the intelligence into Excel spreadsheets.

This is just some of the things that you can do with the tool, but when it's linked up with other tools, the possibilities really are endless.

When it comes to developing any kind of content marketing, social media or SEO strategy, BuzzSumo has become a key analysis tool that I use (hence why I've created a full tutorial for you all to see!).

The full video tutorial is below. Feel free to ask any questions that you may have in the comments section below:

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