What Makes a Great BuzzFeed Post [ANALYSIS]

Get all of my analysis into over 45,000 BuzzFeed posts to find the winning formula for their content.

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I've worked with the BBC
I've worked with Forbes
I've worked with Entrepreneur
I've worked with Vice
I've worked with The Huffington Post
I've worked with The Next Web
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Get instant access to my BuzzFeed analysis data and start understanding BuzzFeed's winning formula for top-performing content.

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I've worked with IBM
I've worked with HubSpot
I've worked with Evernote
I've worked with Coca Cola
I've worked with InfusionSoft
I've worked with Zoho
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Find out what's working for BuzzFeed and replicate their success. Not only that but you'll find out how to get your content placed on their site.

The download includes all of the charts from my analysis so that you can get all of the key takeaways without having to sift through reams of data.

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Matt was instrumental in building our brand into what it is today. As a small startup with a limited budget, he helped double our revenue in less than 12 months and created a long lasting stream of revenue generating traffic.

Ian Blair

Co-Founder, Buildfire

Matt is in my opinion one of the top talents in the digital industry and a regular trainer in our Koozacademy lineup. Every time Matt comes in to train our team they leave buzzing with new ideas, techniques and confidence.

Ben Norman

CEO, Koozai
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